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Your Money Line

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NEW Financial Tool for ALL Employees!

New! Free, thanks in part to the financial support from the Mt. Vernon Education Foundation. MVCSC is now providing a personal finance tool to all of our employees called Your Money Line. This new staff benefit is confidential financial support (from a certified financial planner or credit counselor) for loan forgiveness, personal finance management and so much more. You will never be asked to buy anything.

Money stress is real.

  • Have a student loan or credit card debt you would like to remove from your balance due sheet?
  • Ever wish for free financial advice to guide you through life insurance options or a house purchase?
  • Want to make sure you're set up for retirement?

Call the Your Money Line help line, 5 days a week, 12 hours a day for free financial advice. 

You will never be asked to buy anything. Your information is confidential and nothing will be shared with MVCSC. MVCSC does not receive any financial benefit from providing this tool for our staff to use; it is solely a gift to our staff from MVCSC and MVEF. It provides access to your own personal financial counselor, at no cost to you.

Your Money Line Benefit Guide