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Fine Arts

Engage. Educate. Empower.

Mt. Vernon has a wide variety of opportunities in fine arts for students. Our students' talents are beyond extraordinary. The drama, art and music performances are nothing short of spectacular.


With art classes beginning with kindergarten students and opportunities to continue honing skills through grade 12 with AP Art and the Art Honor Society, students are exposed to a variety of mediums throughout their educational career. A number of art classes are offered in Mt. Vernon High School (MVHS). 


The fall and spring musical performances at MVHS showcase the incredible acting and music talent our students have. Occasionally, the performances will feature some middle school or elementary school students. These shows are simply incredible, and have featured students flying over the audience in "Mary Poppins," as well as actual rain water falling as a backdrop. A number of backdrop and production opportunities are available to students as well.

MVHS Drama Productions Website


Music classes begin in kindergarten and opportunities to fine tune the talent continue in middle and high school. Choir options are available in nearly every grade. Band classes become available in middle school and a variety of bands offer high school students different avenues to pursue. MVHS has earns the ISSMA All-Music Award consistently, nearly every year. This is a total department award that comprises both band and choir performances.

MVHS Band of Marauders Website