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Employee Clinic

For Employees (& Families Age 1+) Enrolled in Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation's Healthcare Benefits

The MVCSC Employee Health Clinic is located next to the Hancock Health Wellness Center in McCordsville at:

Hancock Health Center
8535 N. Clearview Drive, Ste. 700 (enter door #1)
McCordsville, IN 46055
Phone: 317-482-5000
Fax: 317-482-5005

Hancock Health is the provider of services for the MVCSC employee health clinic. The MVCSC employee health clinic will continue to provide convenient and accessible healthcare services, fostering the well-being of staff and their families who are enrolled in the MVCSC healthcare benefits plan. Hancock Health provides enhanced accessibility and comprehensive services, with a goal for MVCSC employees to be in optimum health. 


Meet Heather Guthrie, FNP

With a medical journey over two decades in the healthcare field, Healther's commitment to patient care is unwavering. Before her tenure as a family nurse practitioner (FNP), she dedicated 23 years as a RN. Read more about Heather HERE.