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School Delay/Closing Protocol


Living in Indiana, we all know that weather can be very unpredictable.  There are many variables in deciding whether or not to delay or cancel school.  Here are a few of the many factors MVCSC staff are involved in before the Superintendent makes the final decision whether to delay or cancel school:

  • MVCSC staff members check road and weather conditions frequently before school, throughout the day and before events.

  • The MVCSC Superintendent communicates with other county officials on road conditions and weather.

  • The MVCSC Superintendent collaborates with neighboring superintendents but ultimately makes the call on what is best for our district.  

  • Staff members in transportation, operations and administration are driving roads in the MVCSC district as early as 4:30 a.m. 

It is not uncommon to call a two-hour delay first to see if the weather and/or roads improve enough to continue with the school day.  If the roads/weather do not improve enough within those two hours, then it is likely MVCSC will make the call to cancel school, following the delay call.


  • A two-hour delay or closing announcement will generally be made before 6 a.m.  Following a two-hour delay, if conditions do not improve and school needs to be cancelled, the call will be made approximately by 8 a.m.

  • The following methods will be used to communicate delays/closings: 

    • ParentSquare voice messages, emails, texts and push notifications to parents/guardians (Please make sure phone numbers are updated in Skyward Family Access accounts. Time needs to be allowed for all automated calls to transmit.)

    • District social media (Twitter: @MVCSC_District, Facebook: Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation, Instagram: MVCSC_District)

    • Television: WRTV (Channel 6), WTHR (Channel 13), FOX (Channel 59), WISH (Channel 8). Be sure to check multiple channels. MVCSC has had a few circumstances where some stations’ data entry will not work properly for MVCSC to submit our delays/cancellations.

    • MVCSC Website (there will be a banner on the top of the website with an alert message)


Weather Variables:

  • Freezing Rain/Sleet: This type of weather is fast-occuring and the most unpredictable, with little notice. Decisions are made at the latest possible time in an effort to observe the most current and local conditions.

  • Snowfall: Meteorologists generally give a two-inch variable when predicting snow accumulation. The decision regarding school status is delayed until the snow accumulation indicates a need for action.

  • Extreme Cold: MVCSC uses the hourly temperature predictions from a vast variety of weather sources. Generally, if the air temperature is predicted to be -10 degrees or below (which is the starting point for wind chill concerns - see wind chill chart), there will be cause for delay or cancellation.  When reviewing these weather sources, considerations are made for local weather differences here in Hancock County.

  • Fog: This weather can be isolated or blanket various areas.  If we have areas that have concerning amounts of thick fog, MVCSC may delay or cancel. A rule of thumb for fog is that you can see at least 3/10 of a mile.  

              National Weather Service (

Driving to School:

  • If you are allowing your son or daughter to drive to school, please make sure they are aware of the road conditions. 

  • Generally, the best route to school is to get to a major road or highway as they get treated more thoroughly than rural roads.  Plan a longer route with your child if necessary; the safest route is more important than the fastest route. 


MVCSC respects a parent’s decision regarding their child’s attendance at school during inclement weather.  If school is open or delayed due to weather, the school will respect the parent’s decision whether to send their child to school or not.  If the student is not in attendance, they will be counted as absent (per state code) and the student will be given an opportunity to complete their academic work in the same manner as an absence from school.

Thank you for your support and understanding when MVCSC makes these difficult decisions with many variables.  Together, parents and staff can help provide the best educational experiences and future successes for students!