Delayed Start Wednesday Presentation to School Board

Principals Report to MVCSC Board

At the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation (MVCSC) School Board meeting on January 27, all five MVCSC principals presented A REPORT that included data on the impact of Delayed Start Wednesdays at their schools. 


The data shows:

  • Our Professional Learning Community (PLC) activities that staff engage in during Delayed Start Wednesdays are highly valuable for staff.  If you would like to learn more about how teachers use that time, please click HERE for a short video.

  • Student discipline is substantially worse on Wednesdays.

  • Students have increased tardies on Wednesdays.  In the elementary schools, tardies are too numerous to count.

  • A staff survey showed that a strong majority state that student discipline is worse on Wednesdays.

  • The same survey of staff noted that a strong majority believe that student engagement is worse on Wednesdays.

  • Not all staff are able to be involved in PLC’s due to their supervision of students.


Based on the gathered data, the five MVCSC principals came to a consensus that the best way to improve school safety, student engagement, behavior, and tardiness is to have all students stay home during the Delayed Start Wednesday timeframe.  This would cause the bus route times to differ on our PLC day should this option be pursued. Another consideration is to move the Delayed Start Wednesday/PLC time to the end of the school day, so it would be an Early Release. Regardless, the preschool will continue to operate as it does now (no delayed start or early release).


MVCSC definitely wants parents/guardians to provide input on this possible schedule change for next school year; an email was sent on January 30 informing them of this possible change. Parents/guardians should be on the lookout for an opportunity to provide input on this topic in the near future through a survey and Q&A sessions at each school. MVCSC knows this is a very important topic and wants parents’/guardians’ thoughts before the School Board makes any decisions towards the end of the school year. 


With the majority of MVCSC students coming to school during Delayed Start Wednesday time, students tend to become dysregulated and have heightened behavior that can affect their school day.  


This is especially prominent at the middle school and elementary levels with increased discipline numbers and/or behavioral issues.  Alissa Lockwood, principal of Mt. Comfort Elementary, stated, “[The students’] spring is tightening. Once class starts, we often have to pull kids for sensory time and step away from instruction time to help regulate them.”


The purpose of Delayed Start Wednesdays is for staff to engage in their PLC’s; teachers meet with their teams and discuss ways to improve their specific subject matter.  Many teachers utilize this time to look over students’ progress and align their teaching methods so that students are continually progressing from kindergarten to 12th grade.  


With many staff members and administrators having to watch students or prevent disciplinary issues, it is difficult for staff to utilize the PLC time effectively. If no student supervision is necessary during Delayed Start Wednesdays, all staff could participate in professional development during this time. Teachers need time to focus on what will benefit the needs of the whole child, and fine-tune curriculum to provide the best education possible.


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