MVCSC School Bus Safety

Bus Stop Arm

Bus stop violations are serious offenses that endanger the lives of children everywhere. Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation (MVCSC) wants to put an end to the stop arm violations by encouraging parents, community members, and student drivers to pay attention and always stop when a bus stop arm is out.

The most violations to be recorded for the district was a record-breaking number of 19 in one day last April.  Since the beginning of this school year, the Fortville Police Department has already given 29 tickets for bus stop violations, 10 of which occurred on school property. 

The majority of these violations were given on school property at the Mt. Vernon Middle School drop-off area and the Mini-Marauder Preschool parking lot. If the buses are stopped anywhere with the stop arm out, (including parking lots), drivers are still required to stop and wait for the bus driver to let every student off and recede their stop arm before a driver can proceed. 

Several of the MVCSC buses have cameras that will record the driver if he/she has illegally passed the bus and that person can have a $137 ticket mailed to them. 

If a person contests their ticket and is found guilty in court, he/she could subject to a 90 day license suspension.  If a driver illegally passes a bus stop arm in a reckless manner, that person can be charged with a misdemeanor.Stop Arms Violations

Officer Matt Fox with the Fortville Police Department strongly enforces the message to slow down and pay attention, stating, “I know that buses can inconvenience your day, but a child’s life is worth waiting for 30 seconds to a minute for them to get on the bus.”

MVCSC would like all drivers to put children’s lives first and ask drivers to be alert and stop for all bus stop arms. The diagrams below provide additional details on legal requirements for stopping for bus arms.

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