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MV Schools Hold Veterans Day Events

MV Schools Hold Veterans Day Events

Mt. Vernon appreciates those who have served! The three Mt. Vernon elementary schools and the middle school held convocations which emphasized the sacrifices made by the veterans. The convocations included student-led patriotic songs, speeches, poems, decorations, and parades. Veterans in attendance greatly appreciated the well-deserved recognition.  

MES Parade

Several schools asked the veterans in attendance to share with the audience their name, years of service, and which student(s) they accompanied. Students also not only honored the veterans in attendance, but the members of Armed Forces who were prisoners of war or who are currently unaccounted for. The elementary students also lined the halls to cheer for the veterans who passed by with their child or grandchild.  During the parade, students could be heard waving flags and chanting “U.S.A.!” throughout the building.  

Thank you veterans for your service to our country!

Sidewalk Chalk
Veterans Day