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MV Ambassador Applications for 2023-2024 Now Open!

MV Ambassador Applications for 2023-2024 Now Open!

MVCSC would like to congratulate our 2022-2023 Mt. Vernon Ambassadors graduates! This special group of community members learn behind-the-scenes information about MVCSC and are empowered with school knowledge about every school and department. 

Ambassador grads

As we extend our gratitude to our wonderful Ambassadors this year, we are so excited to welcome a group of new faces for the 2023-2024 school year. The application to become a MV Ambassador in 2023-2024 is now open! 

This year, the Ambassadors had seven meetings on Tuesday mornings where members learned about Mt. Vernon’s schools and operations. They went on student-led tours of several Mt. Vernon schools and facilities, spoke to various staff and administration, heard from students on a student panel who spoke about their daily activities in school, and enjoyed watching student performances. All of these experiences gave our Ambassadors insight into how the school operates and the abundance of ways that students learn at Mt. Vernon. Not only do Ambassadors interact with students, but they are taught about the efforts and responsibilities of each administrative department which was surprising to many Ambassadors. 

One of this year’s graduates, Courtney Nix, shared, “The MV Ambassadors program is a great way for the community members to get a behind the scenes education of what takes place in the schools that our children attend for the first stage of their lives. They do a great job of showing the ‘who, what, when, why and how’ of things as a corporation whole. And it helped me understand more of why things are done the way they are done and I am even more confident in my decision to move my family to this school district for the best education my children can have.”

If any of this program sounds appealing to you and you are able to attend seven meetings on Tuesday mornings, then we encourage you to apply now! For more information, please visit Click here to apply for the MV Ambassador program!

Click here to learn more details about the MV Ambassadors Program