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Mt. Vernon Supports Our Staff!

Mt. Vernon Supports Our Staff!
Hancock Health Marauder VIP Pass Flyer

Did you know that besides our wonderful PTOs, Boosters and organizations supporting all our hard-working staff, MVCSC is also trying to support our staff’s whole-person wellness? Supporting our staff is a priority. From setting up a staff coffee bar at each school, to offering a discounted wellness membership through a Hancock Health partnership, to hiring 12 new behavioral coaches in our schools, to a free financial planning platform – supported by our Mt. Vernon Education Foundation – our staff's welfare is a high priority.

Under a new corporate partnership, Hancock Health has waived enrollment fees for all MVCSC staff. Employees can utilize any of Hancock Health’s three Wellness Center locations that provide exercise equipment, physician’s offices, on-site child care, clinical fitness programs, diabetes care and nutrition programs, and physical and occupational therapy. Staff and their families can even have a free week trial with the special "Marauder VIP Pass." 

“Our whole goal is removing barriers to saying yes to a wholly differentiated approach to wellness and providing resources and an accountability structure” said Joel Hungate, ​​Director of Hancock Wellness & Employer Strategy.

Welcome to Your Money Line

When it comes to financial wellness, staff now has free access to Your Money Line, a product to help people manage day-to-day and long-term finances. This is accomplished through 1:1 certified financial experts and relevant, personalized content with no products to sell employees. 

Your Money Line is specifically designed for public employees and the issues they often face, including retirement planning and assistance in understanding qualifications for such programs as the government-sponsored Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.  ” Our goal is to make a lasting impact on the staff community by bettering their day-to-day financial lives,” said Stephen Blackburn, an account executive at Your Money Line who is also a former school administrator. “We hope to pour into their lives in the same way these staff members invest their hearts into the students they serve each day.”

These efforts are a few of the initiatives MVCSC has undertaken to support our amazing staff, each and every day.