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Meghan Britt Selected by MVCSC Board of Trustees to Fill Vacant Position

Meghan Britt Selected by MVCSC Board of Trustees to Fill Vacant Position
Welcome Britt to Board


The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation (MVCSC) Board of Trustees is pleased to announce Meghan Britt’s appointment to fill the vacant board seat amidst a highly competitive applicant pool. Britt will fill the remainder of Tony May’s term, extending through the 2024 calendar year. 

Britt sought a position on the Board of Trustees due to her deep, personal investment in the success of Mt. Vernon. As a parent to one Mt. Vernon High School graduate and three children currently enrolled in Mt. Vernon schools, her commitment to the community is evident. 


Expressing her goals, Britt stated, “A personal goal of mine is to embrace our school's rapid growth while preserving our small-town values and maintaining the strong sense of community that we all cherish. It is crucial to navigate these changes and advancements in education while safeguarding the unique qualities that make Mt. Vernon so special. I aim to ensure that our schools continue to be a source of pride, a close community, and a nurturing environment for everyone that calls Mt. Vernon home.”

Britt’s primary focus as a trustee includes anticipating the pace of Mt. Vernon’s growth and making proactive decisions. During a public interview, she highlighted the need for the board to continually assess the district’s evolving and growing needs. She emphasized that families are drawn to Mt. Vernon for its academic opportunities and growth experiences. With over two decades as a Hancock County resident and experience as an executive assistant at Real Life Church where she manages finance, events, and operations, Britt brings valuable experience. 

“As a new school board member,” Britt expressed, “I am excited to contribute to our district's current success, fueled by my deep love for the families and staff at Mt. Vernon. With my children attending our schools, my husband coaching, and our family living within the community, I am fully invested in its well-being. I am excited to use my voice and influence to learn and work to advocate for policies that support students, staff members, and families and ensure their success.”


MVCSC Board of Trustees President, Chad Gray, shared “Meghan has experience in major construction projects with her present employer and that really stood out to me. Her volunteer roles in the schools and community showed a depth of knowledge about our current strengths, as well as the challenges we will be facing.”

The MVCSC Board of Trustees would like to welcome Meghan Britt to this leadership role and looks forward to her fresh perspective as a valuable addition to the team. Britt will be sworn in and officially begin her role as a Board of Trustee at the December 18, 2023 meeting.