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"Kids Riding Bikes" Program Comes to FES

"Kids Riding Bikes" Program Comes to FES
Dr. Parker on Bike

A bike safety initiative from the Town of Fortville developed into an engaging learning experience for all of Fortville Elementary students. After the Community Foundation of Hancock County chose to pilot and sponsor the bike safety program, Fortville Elementary School (FES) partnered with Nine13Sports to bring their “Kids Riding Bikes'' program to Mt. Vernon for the very first time. This program aims to teach students how riding bikes can be beneficial in many ways, by giving them a fun and engaging experience right in their own gymnasium!

Nine13Sports representatives set up stationary bikes and a screen that the students watched as they pedaled as quick as they could. The reason for the bikes being stationary is so the students can focus on pedaling and not have to worry about balancing on a standing bike. This way, students of every age and bike-riding ability could participate since every child is at a different place in their bike-riding journey. 

Videos are displayed on the screen from a first person point of view as if the viewer is actually riding a moving bike. This gives the students something to watch and feel as if they were actually moving along a trail. All of these videos were actually filmed in Indianapolis or surrounding areas which takes the students to a familiar environment. The bikes also use technology that tracks the speed of each bike which allows for a fun and competitive twist. The screens for older students were able to display a video-game-like screen that allowed the students to race. Their speeds were displayed on the screen to see who could reach the “finish line” the fastest.

The “Kids Riding Bikes'' program was also able to provide students an introduction to riding bikes in their own town, as new trails are being developed in their community. Hancock County’s trails initiative is growing more popular each year, with the Pennsy Trail having the most recent renovations.

The bikes were a hit with students, as they laughed and talked to their friends as they rode the bikes. Some familiar faces also joined in on the fun. Superintendent Dr. Jack Parker and FES principal Vince Edwards hopped on bikes as they engaged with the students in this enriching opportunity. Everyone had a lot of fun and MVCSC thanks the Community Foundation of Hancock County, Nine13Sports and the prompt from the Town of Fortville for this entergizing student learning experience!

Dr. Edwards riding bike
Students on Bikes
Bike screen