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Giving Back - MVHS Student Donates to Women in Need

Giving Back - MVHS Student Donates to Women in Need
Amelia and Calista Smith

Amelia Smith (right) and sister Calista Smith (left)

Mt. Vernon High School senior, Amelia Smith, is giving back to her community in a very unique way. What started as a need to do something with the abundance of little makeup bags collected each month from a subscription service, quickly became a way to assist women in need. Amelia decided to fill the bags with feminine products, makeup and toiletries and deliver them to shelters in various surrounding counties: Marion, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, and Madison. With the help from her church, local shelters and her younger sister Calista, Amelia has been able to spread care all throughout central Indiana, while also learning a lot about the process of outreach for those needing shelters. 

While speaking about her project, Smith says, “After seeing the reactions of some of the shelter volunteers and some of the women in the shelters, I realize how little these women have and hope that other people will help out people in need no matter the circumstances.” 

So far, Amelia has donated over 200 bags, with even more to come. Smith hopes that the effects of her efforts will spread happiness into the lives of others, and inspire them to do the same! 

Smith at Hope House
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