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MVCSC Policy- Public Participation at Board Meetings

The MVCSC Board of School Trustees welcomes input at meetings of the board.

Providing Public Comment at A Board Meeting on an Agenda Item

Below is the portion of Board Policy - H225, that pertains to public comments and concerns at School Board meetings:

  • Comments must be related to an agenda item. Public comments at school board meetings are appreciated.  At times, it may be necessary to allow those who reside within the Corporation boundaries, who are parents/guardians of MVCSC students, and/or employees of MVCSC to speak before others.

    • Comments and concerns related to curriculum, methods of instruction, instructional materials, or Corporation employees shall also be submitted in writing to the principal of the school and the Superintendent. 

  • Those who wish to provide public comment on an agenda item shall sign in prior to the board meeting start time and provide their name, the organization represented (if any), and identify the agenda item to be addressed. 

  • Time for public comments at school board meetings is limited to sixty (60) total minutes and three (3) minutes per individual. 

Requesting to Place an Item on a Future Agenda

The School Board recognizes the value of public comment on educational issues and the importance of allowing members of the public to express themselves on Corporation matters.

Any person or group wishing to place an item on the agenda shall register their intent with the Superintendent no later than seven (7) days prior to the meeting and include:

  1. Name and address of the participant;
  2. Group affiliation, if and when appropriate;
  3. Topic to be addressed.
  4. A written statement or outline that contains the purpose and major points of the presentation prior to the start of the meeting. Items so submitted shall become a part of the official meeting records. Copies may be reproduced by the Corporation and dispersed to the Board members.

Such requests shall be approved by both the Superintendent and the Board President.