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MV Ambassadors Program

Mt. Vernon Ambassadors Program


Guiding Principle of the Ambassador Program:

  • The Ambassador Program will support the MVCSC Mission and Vision, and serve to further the goals and initiatives of MVCSC.



  • To create an annual cycle of ambassadors that understand the interrelationships among school programs, how the Mt. Vernon district functions/operates, and as a result, become knowledgeable advocates in the community for MVCSC. 

  • To have attendees be highly engaged in the Ambassadors program and experience a fulfilling use of their valuable time.

  • To have attendees help in recruiting the following year’s Ambassadors cohort.


Value of the Ambassador Program:

  • Learn behind-the-scenes details about Mt. Vernon schools, operations, departments, and programs

  • Be a resource with detailed information about Mt. Vernon Schools for your friends and community

  • Meet several other spirited Mt. Vernon community members

  • Be a resource for Mt. Vernon Schools


Details & Ambassador Requirements:

  • The meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month from 7:50 - 9:30 a.m., August - April, excluding December

  • If there is a 2-hour delay, the meeting will be pushed back to the following Tuesday of the month. See full dates on the schedule and agenda webpage.

  • Ambassadors are required to miss no more than one meeting to graduate. A graduation ceremony (for those who missed no more than one meeting) will be at the April meeting. 

  • The meeting will be held at a variety of locations at Mt. Vernon.

  • Meetings will have coffee and continental breakfast available in a grab & go style. 

  • Ambassadors are asked to do these extra opportunities:

    1. Attend one athletic event

    2. Attend one co-curricular event (art show, choir concert, band concert, elementary event, etc.)

    3. Shadow a principal or assistant principal for a walk-through/observe a classroom (not in child's school), followed by volunteering for a lunch duty for 30 minutes   -   OR  - Attend one Board of Trustees Meeting

  • Some months Ambassadors may be asked to bring a canned good for the local food pantry (a.k.a. homework).

  • Ambassadors will be provided with a letter for candidates to take to their employers for support in attendance if requested.

  • Ambassadors are asked to provide feedback, discussion, submit the extra opportunity attended, etc.