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Early Enrollment Appeal Process

Kindergarten / 1st grade appeal process: Children who have not attained the age of five (5) by August 1st shall not be eligible for entrance into the kindergarten program nor shall a child who is not six (6) years old be eligible for entrance into first grade, unless the parents submit an appeal. 

To initiate the appeals process please contact the school principal by June 1st. The appeals process will include a parent / student interview with the principal and the child. The child will be evaluated on individual academic measures, social maturity and well-developed personality. Please print and complete this parent questionnaire prior to the interview.

Items that need to be completed:

  • Form 5112C F2
  • Prior school records (pre-K)
  • A recent report from their doctor
  • Kindergarten Screener (performed by the school) 
  • Parent/Student Interview
  • Parent Questionnaire 

Indiana Department of Education Kindergarten Readiness Guidance Forms:

Kindergarten Transition Toolkit

Overall Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Reading Readiness

Kindergarten Math Readiness