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Health Services


MVCSC Strives for Healthy and Safe Students!

MVCSC school clinics are staffed by a Registered Nurse or a health room assistant. The Health Services staff provides medication administration, health education, management of communicable diseased, immunization compliance, and first aid care for students who become ill or injured during the school day. The RN is not allowed to diagnose any injury or illness, per the Indiana Nurse Practice Act, but can make an educated recommendation to the parent if it is determined that further care is needed. The health room assistant works under the direction of an RN in the Corporation.

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Health Services Handbook

The MVCSC Health Services Handbook provides a reference of medical protocols for parent/guardians of MVCSC students that are used in everyday dealings by health services and MVCSC staff with student health needs. It does not address all health issues in the schools, nor does it include all forms used in the various school health services programs.

K-8 MVCSC Health Services Handbook

9-12 MVCSC Health Services Handbook

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To protect all students, Indiana law requires each child enrolled in school to be completely immunized against communicable diseases. A complete record of his/her immunizations must be kept on file in the school office. For students new to the school system, including kindergartners, this record must be on file before the child can attend classes at the start of school.  

Please view the Indiana Department of Health School Immunization Requirements for more information. Incoming sixth graders are required to have the Tdap and Meningitis booster vaccines and 12th graders are required to have the Meningitis booster vaccine before the first day of school.

Check out the Indiana State Department of Health's HPV and Meningitis Vaccines Information from the CDC website.

If you have not already done so, please submit documentation of the required immunizations to MVCSC Nurse by fax 317-482-4113, or mail to:
MVCSC School Nurse
1806 W. State Road 234
Fortville, IN 46040

If accurate documentation is not received, students will be excluded (unexcused) from school until the documentation is received. Should you have any questions or require additional information, please call Tracy Furnas. at 485-3100. Thank you for your attention to this very important Indiana State Law that involves your student's health and education.

Vision Screenings

Indiana State Law also requires schools to do annual vision screenings on 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th grade students. This is just a screening so if a student should need further testing by a doctor, a note will be sent to the parent/guardian suggesting such. If you wish, you can choose to not have your student's vision screened by sending a note to Tracy Furnas or your student's Health Room Assistant.

Partnering with Parents for a Healthy Environment

The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation's Health Services Department is fully committed to promoting wellness and prevention to all students.  Supporting a safe and healthy school environment includes attention to the physical and psychological environments.  MVCSC strives to provide a healthy atmosphere where all students can attain their educational goals.  Partnering with parents/guardians is essential to maintain a healthy environment where all can achieve excellence. 


Tracy Furnas






School Corporation Nurse
Tracy Furnas
317-485-3100, ext. 5103