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Cost-Cutting Corner


piggy bank with dollars




In an effort to share with our tax-payers how MVCSC is being good stewards of our financial resources, here is a list of initiatives we have pursued to help our school district.


All of these initiatives have one thing in mind: to provide the best educational opportunities for our students and to use our taxpayer dollars in the most effective and responsible manner.

Cost-Cutting Corner - Stewardship Savings

July 2019 LED Lighting project (district-wide). For an investment of $841,335 the total maintenance and utility expense savings over eleven years is $1 million
Dec 2020 The district saved $560,000 in the December 2020 debt payments by refinancing two bond series in the spring. These savings will be used to support operational expenses over the next two years.
Dec 2020 The district chose to switch the Employee Clinic to IU Health, which saved approximately $35K annually.
Jan 2021 The district chose to narrow its health network at the beginning of 2021. This decision was made to reduce overall healthcare costs.
Jan 2021 The district anticipates significant savings in the cost of prescription claims by nearly $1M.  
March 2021 Middle school renovations to music, art, and cafe was budgeted at a minimum of $3.7M in construction costs. The final cost remained at $3.7M but now includes all alternate bids (upgrades) with no additional expenses.
March 2021 District-wide HVAC and mechanical/electrical/plumbing upgrades. For an investment of $8.4M  the total maintenance and utility expense savings over six years is expected to be $10.2 million
Aug 2021 The Stewardship Project costs continue to come in under the original budgeted projections allowing us to add an additional $500,000 to technology infrastructure upgrades across the district while not adding to the total project costs. 
Aug 2021 The anticipated increase in property values for budget year 2022 will allow the district to pay back the 2022 bus financing and a $2.7 million dollar G.O. Bond (for continued Stewardship improvements) in one year thus saving on an additional year of financing & interest costs all without an increase to the debt service tax rate.
Aug 2021 The cost of installing ionization air purifiers for all classrooms throughout the district is being realized at a savings of $60,000 from the original estimate.
Oct 2021 The East Central Indiana Natural Gas Consortium (ECINGC), which Mt. Vernon is a member of, has agreed unanimously to purchase natural gas at current market rates, stockpiling supplies for winter 2021-2022. With gas rates expected to increase rapidly, this early purchasing will save MVCSC 58% in anticipated costs.