Teacher of the Year / Staff of the Year

Last Updated: 2/22/2021 7:58 PM

Ryan Fry, Excellence in Education Award

TOY and SOY Ratings


Again this year, MVCSC will partner with MVEF to recognize Mt. Vernon Teacher of the Year and Staff of the Year!  The program will recognize one Teacher of the Year winner from each building and one Staff member of the Year winner from each building including the admin building / Mini-Marauders / LIFE Center / district employees who serve multiple buildings.    

Last week nomination forms were sent out to ALL staff to nominate TOY and SOY for each building.  Below is a list of the top three nominated Teachers / Staff from each building and links to each building's TOY and SOY rating form.  

Each staff member can rate each nominated Teacher / Staff using the hyperlinked TOY / SOY Google rating form below.  Staff will rate each teacher / staff on a scale of 1:5 (1 being lowest and 5 highest) on each of the criteria.  Please do so by the end of the school day March 5th. The criteria are as follows; dedication, team player, caring, student centered, life long learner, and innovative.  The teacher / staff with the highest rating will be the TOY / SOY winner for that building.

A selection committee determined by the MVEF will then select a district TOY winner and a district SOY winner (from each of the buildings TOY and SOY winners).   All building winners and district winners will be honored locally by the Foundation and the School District.

In 2018, Jill Prefontaine and her husband, Kevin, established the Ryan Fry Excellence in Education Award to recognize MVCSC District Teacher of the Year and Staff of the Year.  This award is in honor of her brother, Ryan.  A $2,500 award will be given to the district teacher of the year and the district staff member of the year.  Additionally, this year, each building winner will receive a $500 award.  Jill wanted to create this honor to “combine the love that she has for her brother and great teachers.”  Jill’s father, Kenneth, was a treasured math teacher for Mt. Vernon Community Schools for 30 years.


FES Rating Form

MCE Rating Form

MES Rating Form







Delinda Deckard

Nancy Price

Brianne Williams

Patti McNeely

Beth Chaplin

Jenny Campbell

Jill Chastain

Beth Thomas

MacKenzie Woodard

Melissa Montague

Jessica Gowin

Trudy Cole

Allison Hillebrand

Shana Jouppi

Teran Strickland

Teresa McGow-Russell

Abby Kern

Patricia Hunt


MVMS Rating Form

MVHS Rating Form

Admin Building Rating Form







Amanda Hill

Lisa Lindman

Jennifer Sherbak

Treasure Coonce

Ashley Ridenour

Elizabeth Goff

Kittie Masters

Seth Meyer

Karen Riesterer

Joanna Goff

Lindsay Sall

Doris Johnson

Lisa Pluckebaum

Kay Burdine

Lynette Huth

Andy Williams

Leeanna Sepalla

Kim Nix

Historical TOY / SOY Nominees and Winners

The current format of the MVCSC / MVEF Teacher of the Year and Staff of the year process began in 2019.  Below are two documents that will capture the historical TOY/SOY award Nominees and Winners.  Please make sure you check the tabs at the bottom of the documents.

TOY/SOY Building Nominees

TOY/SOY Building Winners and District Winners