eLearning Days


To provide an alternative to school cancellations, the MVCSC is planning to have eLearning Days again this school year with approval from the Indiana Department of Education.

  • Schools will practice Mock eLearning Days to prepare students for eLearning Days at home.
  • Students will have regular assigned classwork on eLearning Days, and their teachers will be available electronically. 
  • Students will still be required to complete and submit all assignments, as well as communicate with their teacher during the virtual eLearning days.
  • For students with internet connectivity challenges, they will be encouraged to download their assignment bundle during school so they can work on their device offline at home during the eLearning Day.  This will allow the student to continue to progress academically, and upload their work next time they are at school.  
  • Teachers will be expected to make contact with students, track virtual attendance, and be available to students during virtual office hours.


eLearning Day Tech Support

Support Line: (317) 482-4112

Email: techsupport@mvcsc.k12.in.us

Available only on Elearning Days from 8:00am - 4:00pm 

*For class assignment inquires, please contact your teacher.