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High Reliability Schools Initiative

High Reliability Schools Initative

We are asking ourselves the question: “As good as we are, what can we do to be even better?”  Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation has excellent programs for our students that are led by extremely dedicated staff.  In working to achieve our mission to engage, educate, and empower our students, we believe that a concerted effort to ensure that all students learn at high levels is our avenue to excellence!


We need your help: Level 1 surveys will be launched by the end of May to students, parents, staff, and administrators. These surveys will be the foundation in which all work will stem from. With your participation in these surveys, we will continue to keep our efforts focused on student improvement!


Through Professional Learning Communities, we will develop a collaborative system of inquiry asking our teacher teams to answer four questions.  1) What do we want students to learn? 2) How will we know they’ve learned it? 3) What will we do when the students haven’t learned? 4) What will we do when students have learned?  This collaborative process will be the focus of our staff’s work and professional learning next school year with most of our delayed start time being dedicated to working in teams.


In order to have high levels of learning for all students, we must also be crystal clear on what they need to learn.  To that end, we are beginning a new process to curate a guaranteed and viable curriculum that will give all students the opportunity to learn the content for their grade level/subject in the time that we provide them to do so.  


With our new efforts of instructional collaboration and curricular clarity, we have found a framework that will guide our efforts to stay on track with school improvement. That framework is the first three levels of the High Reliability Schools.


  • The High Reliability Schools Model (HRS) will be our new framework to ensure that we are staying on track with school improvement.  
  • HRS surveys will be launched in a couple of weeks for Level 1 - A Safe and Collaborative Culture.  These surveys will go to students, parents, staff, and administrators.  Results of these surveys will be the fodder of our administrative retreat on June 3.
  • HRS is not a new initiative, it is the glue that holds our initiatives together.  As a matter of fact, Level 1 work is all done by the administration and school leadership teams.  
  • Using the (HRS) framework and indicators, districts and schools can drive permanent, positive, and significant impacts on student achievement by synthesizing multiple complex initiatives into one harmonious system. - Marzano

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