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***Updated 3.16.2020

Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation (MVCSC) holds our student and staff health and safety as our number one priority. The Greenfield Daily Reporter newspaper has reported a jail employee in Hancock County has been diagnosed with the coronavirus (COVID-19). There are currently no cases of COVID-19 in any MVCSC school.

MVCSC is communicating regularly with the Hancock County Health Department, as well as the Indiana State Health Department and is following their guidance. MVCSC has been working diligently to plan ahead and is closely monitoring the Indiana State Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) websites for reliable updates and guidance. Hancock Health recently launched a letter to the community; please take a moment to read the letter HERE.

With the recent COVID-19 cases in Indiana, MVCSC is taking additional health, cleaning, and closure precautions to keep students and staff healthy.  

We recognize that this is a fluid situation with new information coming in on a regular basis.  Actions are being determined on a daily basis and can change quickly. We will maintain up-to-date information on our website as this situation evolves.  

After Governor Holcomb's statement on 3/12/20, MVCSC is implementing the following actions:MVCSC Parent/Guardian Calendar

  • MVCSC buildings will be closed for the two weeks following Spring Break and will have eLearning only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from March 30 - April 10. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from March 30 - April 10, school will be canceled and there will be no eLearning. See the calendar HERE.

  • The MVCSC Administration Building will be closed through Friday, April 10. Email is the best way to contact the administrative staff.

  • The Mini-Marauder Preschool and the YMCA will be closed through Friday, April 10.

  • All extracurricular activities, including athletics and field trips will be canceled through Sunday, April 12.  The Kindergarten Registration events and the Delayed Start Wednesday Town Hall Meetings will also be canceled and rescheduled at a later date.

  • In the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis in our district after students return to school, we will inform our parents and staff immediately.  Because of privacy laws, MVCSC has been legally advised not to share any details, which would include the name of the school(s) that had the diagnosis.

  • Please read below for details on Food Service, Medications, Special Education and more.


MVCSC Staff Information


As we navigate the waters and continue to provide the best education during this unprecedented time, we have made the decision to only have eLearning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from March 30 - April 10. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, school will be canceled and there will be no eLearning during March 30 - April 10. Please see the calendar HERE. This will allow teachers to provide the most effective instruction for our students, and hopefully alleviate some burden on our parents/guardians. MVCSC made the decision to not have school or personnel in our buildings for two weeks after spring break travel to allow an organic 14-day quarantine and help mitigate any virus exposure.


eLearning Technology Support

MVCSC is looking into local wifi providers that might be temporarily offering services for households with students. Any opportunities we find will be posted on this webpage. Technology support for eLearning will be available March 30 - April 10 from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. As listed under the 1:1 Technology tab on our website, the list of current places with free wifi is linked, and their support contact information is 317-482-4112 or (For class assignment inquiries, please contact the teacher.) 


All Buildings Closed March 27 at 5 p.m. through April 13 at 5 a.m.

All MVCSC buildings will be closed with no access for any employee from March 27 at 5 p.m. through April 13 at 5 a.m. No key cards will work during this timeframe. This effort will keep any traveling staff in a natural self-quarantine and help any flu/virus germs expire before students return on Monday, April 13.



If you missed picking up any necessary medication on March 13, email to make arrangements prior to Friday, March 27. 


Food Service 

MVCSC recognizes many students depend on the Free and Reduced Food Program. We are working on a solution to help sustain students during the weeks of March 30 and April 6. This website will be updated with the plan as soon as possible.


Special Education Services

Instructional staff who provide services to students who have disabilities will make every effort to deliver the service minutes indicated in each student’s IEP utilizing the platforms available. When services return to the classroom setting, IEP teams can meet to determine if additional services are needed. Any case conferences scheduled during the weeks of March 30 and April 6 will be held via Google Hangouts or rescheduled for a later date.


Mini-Marauder Preschool & YMCA 

The Mini-Marauder Preschool and the YMCA will be closed through April 10. 


Extracurricular Activities, Field Trips

All extracurricular activities, including athletics and field trips, are canceled through Sunday, April 12 and we will reassess the health situation at that time.


Kindergarten Registration

The Kindergarten Registration events at all three elementary schools are cancelled at this time, and likely will be rescheduled.


Delayed Start/Early Release Town Hall Meetings

The Town Hall Meetings for parent/guardian input on Delayed Start/Early Release are canceled at this time, and likely will be rescheduled.


Thank You

We are thankful for our staff and families who have practiced patience over perfection and giving us grace as we forge an evolving path for our community while keeping the health and safety of our students/staff at the forefront. We take our responsibility to our students and family seriously, and have been resolutely committed to monitoring and adjusting daily to improve our methods of delivering education during this challenging time. Thank you for your support and assistance.


Here are some of the extra measures that a wide variety of MVCSC staff (teachers, custodians, bus drivers, instructional assistants, health room assistants, etc.) are taking to maintain a healthy educational environment throughout this period of concern: 

  • Continually teaching good hygiene to students - Parents are encouraged to reinforce:

    • Wash hands with soap for 20 seconds

    • Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or coughing into elbow

    • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands

    • Instead of shaking hands or high fives, knuckle-bump or elbow-bump

    • Remain at home if there are any symptoms of feeling sick

  • Hand sanitizer in every room as supplies allow

  • Disinfecting/sterilizing bus seats and high-touch objects on buses

    • Bus drivers have been allowed over-time to thoroughly clean their buses

  • Continuing to disinfect/sterilize food prep areas and cafeterias

    • Cafeteria staff have been allowed over-time for any extra cleaning needed

  • Staff will continue to disinfect/sterilize high-touch areas daily such as doorknobs, light switches, desks/tables, water fountains, etc. 

  • MVCSC Health Services has a plan to help screen and identify students with possible virus symptoms

  • Technology staff is cleaning the shared Chromebooks, Lobby Guard, and computer labs. To clean your student’s Chromebook, use alcohol-based wipes without bleach.

New viruses cause concern and heightened interest, but as the CDC states, older people and those with chronic medical conditions or compromised health symptoms are the people most at risk. The best way to prevent any illness is to practice good hygiene as shared above. Parents/guardians are asked to keep children home if they show any symptoms of being sick. Please do not send your child into school for the purpose of having the health room assistant assess your child.

What happens if the Hancock County Health Department advises MVCSC to close schools due to a verified COVID-19 infection?

MVCSC will follow the Health Department’s guidance and we will implement additional eLearning days as needed. Please remember, should this situation arise, we are prohibited from sharing health information about students or staff. Please do not engage in speculation, online or in person, about neighbors or classmates.  In the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis in our district after students return to school, we will inform our parents and staff immediately.  Because of privacy laws, MVCSC has been legally advised not to share any information, which includes the name of the school(s) that had the diagnosis.

How should I talk to my children about COVID-19?

There are many resources that are available to help guide your discussion. Here is a guide from the National Association of School Psychologists

This is a very fluid situation, and we will continue to communicate with our families and update our website page regularly. The leaders at MVCSC are discussing and preparing for a variety of situations that may or may not arise. Some of the considerations being discussed are extracurricular activities, food service, special education services, and of course providing quality instruction/learning environment through eLearning. 

This is an unusual situation, but we are confident that working together will help to keep our staff and students healthy. Thank you for your partnership and support. 

See MVCSC's 3.12.2020 statement HERE. HERErev1. HERErev2.

See MVCSC's previous 3.3.2020 statement HERE.


Reputable Resources:

World Health Organization

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Indiana State Department of Health

Hancock County Health Department

Guide from the National Association of School Psychologists