School Board Scholars

Last Updated: 6/15/2020 3:15 PM

2018-2019 Wall of Fame

2018-2019 School Board Scholars


All award-recipients must receive grades of 95% or greater ("A" or "A+") in every class each grading period.  The student must be enrolled full-time for at least 160 days and received grades from all four quarters.

Honored recipients received a certificate, a trophy, and their names were 

entered permanently into the records of the School Board during its regular monthly meeting held after the program.


The following student received a School Board Scholar award:




Ethan Bayliss (1)

Sarah Blankenship (1)

Madeleine Bridenthal (2)

Gavin Britt (1)

Peyton Cashman (1)

Eden Coleman (1)

Evelyn Loy  (1)

Layla Reum (1)

Anna Woolston (1)


( ) = Years as School Board Scholar