MVCSC Back-to-School Preparations

Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation (MVCSC) holds the health and safety as our number one priority for our students and staff.

Please read the draft of the Back-to-School Plan for MVCSC. A parent/guardian survey will follow for feedback.

All parents/guardians of Mt. Vernon students attending in the 2020-2021 school year need to fill out a Reentry Plan Survey (one for each child) by Monday, July 13.

Please read the Joint Statement from the Hancock County Superintendents on the reopening of the 2020-2021 school year.

Comprehensive planning is taking place to keep MVCSC students and staff healthy/safe when school reopens on July 29. MVCSC has established a Back-to-School Taskforce of about 25 people for the sole purpose to develop safe reopening plans for next school year. The Back-to-School Taskforce is charged with providing the safest and healthiest environment possible. 

Please take care of yourself, and the future of those who are most vulnerable in our community by maintaining social distancing and proper handwashing.  It is important that we are all well informed and know why we must utilize social distancing. The best explanation we have seen comes from Steve Long, CEO of Hancock Health.  Please take time to view Mr. Long's 4.12.2020 video, his 3.29.2020 video, or his 3.18.2020 video, and remember, your actions impact people you may or may not know. 

Dr. Parker's Back-to-School Video #5 - 7/10/2020

  • See one of MV’s new fine-mist foggers in action. They will be used on buses, athletic facilities, and in schools. Here are the solution details:

    • The Covalent Clean Hand Sanitizer is a medical-grade. This product is 70% ethyl alcohol (antiseptic) and CDC recommends at least 60% ethyl alcohol. Ingredients: ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, copolymer thickener.

    • The Ecosafe disinfectant & sanitizer is an organic, environmentally friendly, nontoxic, nonflammable, and completely biodegradable solution that is non-corrosive for all equipment and can be applied by wiping, spray or fogging. 

      • It is used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dental offices, and other medical facilities.

      • Ecosafe disinfectant has a 2-year shelf life and kills bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses. The ingredients are: water (99.77%), Hypochlorous Acid (.046%), hypochlorite ion (.00418%), ozone & CIO & chlorous acid (<.0003%) , and salt (.2%)

      • It is EPA registered

      • FDA approved

      • Certified organic by OMR

  • Need parents to complete the survey by July 13. (It asks whether children will be in-person/virtual for the first semester, busing questions, and feedback on the draft). 

  • The final Back-to-School Reentry Plan and FAQ’s will be launched July 15. - linked in the website article

Virtual Traveling Talks

Do you have questions/concerns for Superintendent Dr. Parker? Sign up to attend one of the July Virtual Traveling Talks to keep the community connected and provide a great dialogue about Mt. Vernon.

MVCSC Athletic Facilities & Playgrounds

All MVCSC facilities that are regularly open in the summer are now available for use. MVCSC highly recommends following the CDC guidelines on social distancing and hygiene (hand-washing, hand sanitizer, etc.) while at our facilities. 

Thank You

We are thankful for our staff and families who have practiced patience over perfection and given us grace as we forge an evolving path for our community while keeping the health and safety of our students/staff at the forefront. We take our responsibility to our students and family seriously, and have been resolutely committed to monitoring and adjusting daily to improve our methods of delivering education during this challenging time. Thank you for your support and assistance. This is an unusual situation, but we are confident that working together will help to keep our staff and students healthy. Thank you for your partnership!  We will get through this together... because #WeRMV!