MES Hosts Annual "Shark Tank"

Shark Tank

McCordsville Elementary School (MES) hosted their fifth annual “Shark Tank” on November 22, 2019.  This event gives the opportunity for fourth grade students create their own business ideas and present them to four fourth grade teachers who are posing as “sharks.”  The Shark Tank event began the event with a video clip of the “Little After Noon” talk show, hosted by MES Art Teacher, Terry Trowbridge, in which he interviewed the world famous band “Sonny and the Samsonites,” (also known as the MES fourth grade teachers).  

The members, Cash (Mr. Keeler), Tiffany (Mrs. Hartley), Ruby (Mrs. Norton), and Sonny Samson himself (Mr. Wimmenauer), informed Mr. Trowbridge that it was time for them to Shark Tankmove on from their band life and pursue a new career hosting “Shark Tank” at MES.  When Sonny Samson was unable to attend, fifth grade teacher Mrs. Kern won the chance to be a guest host for the show. 

Five groups of fourth graders presented their business ideas to the teachers in front of the entire elementary school in the main gym.  Each group’s business came with a promotional video created on iMovie, putting the students’ technological skills to the test. 

The students were unknowingly engaging their entrepreneurial and economic knowledge by creating a product that was cost-effective and relevant to the daily life of a consumer.  The groups were also learning real-world skills such as: creating a business plan, managing their time of a strict timeline, and following guidelines given to them.  

Shark TankThe business ideas that students presented included: Pets Unlimited- an all inclusive pet box that carries food, water, toys, and leashes to avoid a mess in the house; Sweet Kingdom- a 3-D game board that takes you through a challenge with your friends; The Dreamers- a customizable chapstick holder that can be attached to anything; Magnet Movers- a magnetic version of the classic game of checkers; and WC beanbags- a comfortable bean bag that can seat up to three kids with a cupholder on the side.  

Mr. Keeler, Mrs. Hartley, Mrs. Norton, and Mrs. Kern all enjoyed being “sharks” and giving the fourth grade students the chance to show off their creative and innovative skills. Congratulations to the fourth graders on their terrific inventions! 

To view photos from the 2019 MES Shark Tank click here 

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