Recruiting Success for Substitutes & Staff

Mr. May

Throughout the pandemic, MVCSC has maintained focus on the importance of student learning. In order to achieve this, substitute teachers have played a crucial role in keeping our schools operating every day. Due to a substitute recruiting marketing initiative, 19 new substitutes, exclusively serving Mt. Vernon, have been hired by Kelly Services. This has brought the first semester’s substitute fill rate from 50% up to 72% in 2021.

Working with Kelly Services, Mt. Vernon simplified the typical substitute recruitment process and added some advantageous incentives. A pay structure increase, as well as additional monetary bonuses, were implemented to increase substitute interest. Any substitute who completes a week-long assignment (or longer) in one building will earn an additional $10 more per day. Once their assignment has been completed and verified, Kelly Services will also award a $75 bonus.

During the months of February and May (the two highest months of teacher absenteeism), MVCSC offers $100 per day for all substitute teaching positions. MVCSC also developed an internal “fast track” system where school principals can provide a recommendation to speed up the onboarding process. 

One of Mt. Vernon’s regular substitutes, Myron May, shared, “I first began by accepting openings at many different schools and grade levels. I soon found that I enjoyed being around young people, watching them learn, and myself learning and relearning alongside them. I also gained an admiration for the teachers and staff that I'm sure I did not have when I was in school. I observed how they placed the education of the students in their care as a top priority and that I could be part of that experience.”
May also shared, “Even though I have subbed at many schools, the Mt. Vernon schools became my district of choice. During the past school year, I have worked exclusively in the MVCSC. I enjoy all aspects of Mt. Vernon schools. The teachers and staff are very helpful and always let me know how much they appreciate my assistance. However, the major reason I like Mt. Vernon is because of the students. I have watched many of them transition from elementary to middle to high school. I relish in the fact that I have been a part of their growth and accomplishments.”

Chris Smedley, Assistant Superintendent, says, “Based on the feedback we have received from several of our current subs, we believe that if we can attract more new substitutes into our buildings, they will realize what a great place Mt. Vernon schools are to serve and want to continue to be a part of our Mt. Vernon team.”

Through the Kelly Rewards program, substitutes also have the opportunity to earn points for every day worked and redeem them for extra money. Substitutes through Kelly Services can also enjoy the Kelly Perk Spot discounts on cell phone services, travel, shopping, and more through this program. For those who qualify, health insurance and 401K benefits from Kelly Services are available.

New this semester, to substitute in prekindergarten through grade eight, the substitute must have a high school diploma. T substitute in high school they must have a high school diploma and be 21 years of age or older. Anyone interested in substituting at Mt. Vernon is encouraged to schedule a time to meet with a Kelly Services representative at Additional information and incentives can be found at


Additional Testimonials From Mt. Vernon Substitutes:kellysub

Mr. Myron May has been a substitute teacher for four years and has worked exclusively at Mt. Vernon schools for the past year. He says, “I feel I have done my best at substituting when a student comes into the classroom and says, ‘Great! Mr. May is here. You are our favorite sub.’”

Miss Lanae Shelton shares her experience as a substitute at Mt. Vernon: “What I love most about subbing at Mt. Vernon Schools was the consistency of how I was treated! It didn’t matter what school I taught in, I knew that I would be appreciated, treated with respect by students, and absolutely no hesitation of staff to help anytime I needed it. It’s one thing to get paid to sub but it’s another thing to truly feel valued for your time that day.”

Miss Andrea Elstro says, “The schools have done an amazing job at creating a safe environment during COVID. My kids are all in school now, and this is a way that I can work while still completely choosing my own schedule. It's also nice to sub for younger kids and be done by 2:30 p.m. each day.”

In addition to recruiting substitutes, MVCSC has also been recruiting bus drivers, custodians, and instructional assistants. MVCSC released four employee recruitment videos, highlighting testimonials, benefits, pay, and other important information. These videos can be seen on webpage, along with details for each position, including substitutes. 
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