Board Passes Calendar Contingencies for 20-21

2020-2021 Calendar Contingencies

At the MVCSC School Board meeting on May 18, two school calendar contingency plans were passed by the Board of Trustees. These calendars allow MVCSC to have a quick 2020-2021 revised calendar adoption after Governor Holcomb speaks in July and shares his plans for schools to reopen.

MVCSC knows our parents/guardians need as much notice as possible with any calendar changes. This adoption of two calendar contingencies will allow MVCSC to make the revised calendar decision soon after Governor Holcomb makes his announcement at the beginning of July. 

The calendars were developed with these principles in mind:

  • MVCSC needs to start the school year with students in person. Teachers need to get to know students to know how best to lead them academically through eLearning days. 
  • MVCSC is conscious of making sure that next summer is not too short as these calendars extend the school year into June. This is why these calendar contingencies have only one week of Fall Break.
  • MVCSC will communicate any calendar decisions as soon as possible after the Governor makes his announcement at the beginning of July regarding reopening schools.
  • There is also a chance that MVCSC will not need to use either of these calendars and the original 2020-2021 calendar would remain.

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Click the images above to print the calendar contingency plans for 2020-2021.

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