MVCSC Receives $50,000 Digital Learning Grant

MES Students

The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation (MVCSC) was recently awarded a $50,000 Digital Learning Grant, written by MVCSC’s Curriculum Integration Coordinator, Misty Hall.  The grant money will be dedicated towards three primary areas: instruction and learning, leadership and staff development, and college and career ready initiatives.  

Though Misty Hall pieced the grant together, she was not alone in the process.  Misty connected with a team consisting of staff members from each school, otherwise known as the Digital Learning Committee. They provided their opinions on the grant and shared ideas for what the grant dollars should be used for.  She also worked with the Director of Curriculum, Scott Shipley, and Assistant Superintendent, Chris Smedley.  

As one of the first K-12 STEM Certified Districts in the state as designated by the Indiana Department of Education, MVCSC is committed to providing an engaging, technology-enhanced 1:1 educational environment.  With this grant, the Mt. Vernon Middle School will have materials needed to implement a Robotics 2 course in the 2020-21 school year. 

When it comes to leadership and staff development, MVCSC will also use the grant funds to provide professional development in an effort to build teacher capacity and further integrate technology using blended learning.  Funds will be allocated for the corporation to help incentivize specific professional development that occur outside of teacher contracted work Teacher with Studentdays.

The grant dollars will also contribute to developing Mt. Vernon High School’s Maker Space.  This would allow for more entrepreneurial opportunities in this creative space, which would be extremely beneficial to a growing number of high school students.  

MVCSC will partner with Five -Star Technology to build teacher capacity to effectively integrate technology using blended learning.  This partnership will help train teachers and administrators on the most effective ways to use digital tools.  

Superintendent, Dr. Jack Parker, stated, “We were thrilled to learn that we received this award to support our students and staff, and are greatly appreciative of Misty's initiative and drive in pursuing this grant. Our students and staff will benefit greatly from this next level of training and resources.” 

Mt. Vernon Schools has previously received a Digital Learning Grant during the 2016-2017 school year. These funds were primarily used to help provide seed funding for the Technology Integration Coaches, of which Misty was one before her position morphed into her current role as Curriculum Integration Coordinator. 

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