Future Growth Plan

Last Updated: 1/15/2021 7:37 PM


MV Community Champions Meeting

In 2019, the Mt. Vernon demographer’s report predicted enrollment to grow 50% by 2029. While MVCSC is happy to be growing and providing new opportunities for students and staff, a Future Growth Plan was needed to make sure the MV buildings grow along with the student population.  In the 2019-2020 school year, the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation asked ALL MV parents, any in-district residents, businesses and community members to be a part of the “MV Community Champions'' fall initiative to develop Mt. Vernon's 10-year Future Growth Plan.

Currently, Mt. Vernon’s elementary schools house grades kindergarten through grade five. The Mt. Vernon Community Champions (MVC2) recommended the reinstatement of an intermediate school to house grades five and six. This will provide room for growth in the three elementary schools and the middle school by removing an entire grade level cohort from each school. This plan also includes reusing Fortville Elementary School for the purpose it was built, that of an intermediate school.

Future Growth Plan graphic

The Future Growth Plan is focusing on a dual-track plan in order to keep up with enrollment. Mt. Vernon enrollment requires three elementary schools; the dual track will determine whether to renovate the current administration building into an elementary building or build a new elementary school. 

As both tracks are thoroughly analyzed, MVCSC has a specific focus to balance the needs of the growing district with the financial stewardship of resources. All of this planning takes great care and diligence, and requires the most accurate information possible from the specialists.

Mt. Vernon has invited the community to attend Zoom presentations in December of 2020 regarding the Dual Track of the Future Growth PlMVC2A Meetingan. Community input was greatly appreciated and is a vital component prior to the MVCSC Board of Trustees making the decision on which track to pursue. 

The MVCSC Board of Trustees is planning to make the decision at the December 14, 2020 board meeting on which track to pursue regarding the new or renovated elementary school. After that, other detailed aspects of the Future Growth Plan will be developed, including designs that will provide the needed space just in time for our growth. Also, once the financial plans are refined and shared with the community, it will include the full funding picture for sustainability of our student programs.

The growth Mt. Vernon is expecting provides an opportunity to plan and ensure what is needed for students to learn and grow during their school years. The proverb “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today” holds true for the Mt. Vernon community today. Let’s be sure that in 20 years the Mt. Vernon community continues to thrive because of some of the decisions that will be made. 

Thank you for contributing to the future of Mt. Vernon! #WeRMV