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Career Pathways at MVHS

Career Pathways at MVHS

Students interested in moving quickly to the workforce can also take early college courses at MVHS to achieve this goal.  Most good-paying jobs require some college or formal training beyond high school. Mt. Vernon High School has organized its Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in a logical way so that students can earn dual credits in their CTE pathway that directly aligns with the Ivy Tech Community College Technical Certificate associated with each Career & Technical Education pathway.


MVHS Pathways to Credential

Our aim in counseling students for college and career readiness is to show a clear path to the college and career training opportunities beyond high school that align with the students interests and career goals. Our Early College/Career Program allows students to move down their pathway faster if they choose and earn credit for college courses in their chosen pathway prior to graduation. This will save students money and time. Below is a list of MVHS Pathways and the corresponding Ivy Tech credential (31 hrs) or Associate's Degree (60hrs). Hyperlinks are available on the credential/degree that will take the student directly to the Ivy Tech or Vincennes University website for more information.


The following chart lists all MVHS “Early Career” Pathways alongside the college credential or associate's program. The cells in the “College Credentials and Degrees” column are hyperlinked, so when you click on the hyperlink it takes you to the website of the college/university credential or associate's degree and shows you how the classes you take at MVHS fit into the courses at Ivy Tech or Vincennes University.

“Preparing for College and Careers” and “Adult Roles & Responsibilities” are foundational Career and Technical Education courses recommended for every student in every Pathway.

Career Cluster (Click on the link below for information about the Career Clusters) MV Pathways (Click on the link below for information about the Pathways) Pathway Courses:
All Pathways include the courses:
Preparing for College and Careers Adult Roles and Responsibilities
College Credentials and Degrees
(Click the link below for information about each college degree or Certificate)
Certificate or Degree Number of credit hrs for credential Number of Credit hrs that can be earned while at MVHS

Health Science

Health Care Specialties: 5364 Interpersonal Relationships       1
Athletic Training 5276 Anatomy and Physiology 2
Pathway Plan Medical Terminology  
  5366 Human Development & Wellness or 2
5362 Child Development 1
Health Science I (Anderson)  
5290 Health Science II Athletic Training 2

Education & Training

Concentration: Early Childhood 5342 Nutrition & Wellness  

Early Childhood Education Pre Professional Certification; Child Development Associate (CDA)

Pathway Plan 5362 Child Development 1
  5360 Advanced Child Development 1
5364 Interpersonal Relationships 1
Early Childhood Education I (Anderson)  
Early Childhood Education II (Anderson)  
Concentration: Education Careers 5362 Child Development       1
Pathway Plan 5360 Advanced Child Development 1
  5364 Interpersonal Relationships 1
5408 Education Professions I 2
5404 Education Professions II 2

Business & Marketing

Business Administration 4518 Introduction to Business       1
Business Management Focus Principles of Business Management  

Pathway Plan

4524 Accounting 2
4522 Adv. Account 2
Advanced Business Management  

Information Technology

Pathway: Programming 4801 Computer Science I Vincennes     2

Computer Programming

5236 Computer Science II Vincennes 2
4528 Digital Application and Responsibility   2
Pathway: PC Networking & Support 4528 Digital Applications and Responsibility Vincennes

Strata, A+, Network+, Microsoft Technology Specialist, Cisco

CONCENTRATION: PC SUPPORT 5230 Computer Tech Support Vincennes 2
Pathway Plan 5234 Network Fundamentals Vincennes 2
Pathway: Informatics 4801 Computer Science I Vincennes     2
CONCENTRATION: PC SUPPORT Computer Science II : Informatics Vincennes 2
Pathway Plan Computer Science II : Programming Vincennes 2

Arts, AV Technology & Communication

Pathway Plan 4834 Design Fundamentals       2
Screen reader support enabled. 4790 Intro to Communications 1
  5986 Radio Television I 2
  5992 Radio Television II 2


Pathway: Welding 4784 Introduction to Manufacturing OR  

AWS SENSE Entry Level Certification

Pathway Plan - Welding Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics (Anderson)  
  4800 Computers in Design & Production or Ivy Tech 2
4812 Intro to Engineering Design Ivy Tech 2
5776 Welding Technology I   1
Welding Technology II (Anderson)  

Architecture & Construction

CONCENTRATION: MECHANICAL 4800 Computers in Design & Production or       2
Pathway Plan 4812 PLTW Intro to Eng. Design or Ivy Tech 2
  4814 PLTW Principles of Engineering Ivy Tech 2
Mechanical Drafting & Design I    
Mechanical Drafting & Design II  
CONCENTRATION: HVAC 4792 Introduction to Construction  

HVAC Excellence


Pathway Plan

Construction Technology - HVAC I  
Construction Technology - HVAC II  

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Pathway: Engineering 4812 PLTW Intro to Eng. Design or Ivy Tech

Autodesk Inventor Certified User, Autodesk Inventor Certified Associate, Autodesk Inventor Certified Professiona

Pathway Plan - Engineering 4814 PLTW Principles of Engineering Ivy Tech 2
  Engineering Design and Development    
Choose 1 of 3 below    
4820 Civil Engineering & Architecture; Ivy Tech 2
Computer Integrated Manufacturing;    
Digital Electronics; Biotechnical Engineering;    
Aerospace Engineering (Anderson)    


Pathway: Aviation Flight Operation 4812 PLTW Intro to Eng. Design or Ivy Tech     2
Pathway Plan - Aviation Flight Operation 4814 PLTW Principles of Engineering Ivy Tech 2
Pathway: Aviation Maintenance 4798 Intro to Transportation   2
Pathway Plan - Aviation Maintenance PLTW Aerospace Technology    
  Aviation Flight    
Aviation Operations    
Aviation Maintenance    


The Indiana College and Career Pathways provide an aligned sequence of secondary and postsecondary courses leading to an industry-recognized credential, technical certification, or an associate or baccalaureate degree at an accredited postsecondary institution for careers that are high wage and/or high demand in Indiana. MVHS Students have access to 8 of 12 Indiana Career Clusters.  The above courses with the course number are offered at Mt. Vernon High School.  The courses above without the course number will need to be taken at Anderson D26 CTE and / or Walker Career Center.

Walker Career Center

2018-2019 Walker Application

2017-18 Cosmetology Application

Class Times

Course Description List

Anderson D26 CTE

2018-2019 Anderson Application

2018-2019 Career Center Course Handbook 


More information can be found at this link Indiana College & Career Pathways