About Us

        Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation is situated in the northwest corner of Hancock County, Indiana. This suburban-rural community includes the townships of Vernon and Buck Creek and the towns of Fortville, McCordsville, Mt. Comfort, and Mohawk. This area abuts Marion, Madison, and Hamilton Counties. The largest percentage of the working population consists of residents who are employed in the Indianapolis area, own their own business, or farm. The community is primarily Caucasian, Protestant, English-speaking, and native-born. Thirteen percent of the students are from minority families. Seventy-one percent of the homes are occupied by two-parent families. Eighty-two percent of the homes in this area are owner occupied. The estimated average annual family income is fifty-nine thousand dollars. Approximately four percent of the families in the area earn annual incomes below the poverty level. The area is primarily middle class. Approximately ninety-six percent of the students are transported to school by bus. The remaining students are transported by car. The median home value is $129,700. Eighty-eight percent of the residents have a high school diploma and twenty-two percent have four or more years of college.

        The Corporation consists of Mt. Comfort Elementary, Mt. Vernon Elementary, McCordsville Elementary, Mt. Vernon Intermediate School, Mt. Vernon Middle School, and Mt. Vernon High School. These six buildings serve a school population of approximately 3,600 students. There are 204 certified teachers, 15 administrative personnel, and 210 non-certified support staff. 

        Student needs are addressed using a multiplicity of activities. These range from innovative classroom teaching, academic competitions, athletic programs, fine arts performing groups, and interest/academic clubs. Each building offers resource classes and advanced classes in addition to regular classes. The Corporation is aligned with Hancock-South Madison Joint Services for additional expertise in addressing the needs of special needs students. The high school maintains the High Tech Academy where students can obtain work force certification in various areas of technology. The program also includes course work in virtual reality programming. The strong focus of the Corporation remains on seeing that each student is educated in the best way possible.